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This book is a 12-step guide for the self-help book "addict" (someone who collects and owns bookshelves full of personal development and self-help books yet never feels helped). The basis for this book is about choosing your reality versus it choosing you, taking inspired action versus reading about it all the time.


This book will make you think about your life, what you want out of your life, and how you're filtering and choosing your reality on a daily basis. By the end of it, you'll have the ability to not only shift your mindset, but choose the life you want, not because a book forces you to do it, but because you DECIDE.

Jen Palko

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Jen Palko is a soulpreneur, content creator, and author of the new and insightful book, "12 Step Guide for the Self-Help Book Addict."


Jen grew up in Somerville, New Jersey, is a former corporate Pharma 9 to 5er who turned acupuncturist turned entrepreneur who now pursues her passion of helping others reinvent their reality. She empowers others through her growing YouTube channel, online courses, and quirky life experiences.


When she's not filming daily motivational videos in her living room or writing, you can find Jen listening to music, giving her dog belly rubs, or punching and kicking her heavy bag.


Find out more about Jen, her content, and upcoming courses at as well as all social media platforms.

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