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I believe we all have a message to share.


I also believe we need a sense of purpose in our lives for survival. Not just "A" purpose, but a sense of purpose. One that evolves as WE evolve from our experiences.

I don't claim to be a guru or expert at one particular thing. I'd consider myself pretty average, in fact. I think average is more relatable and real to people. I'm a normal person with normal problems. I listen to heavy metal, I like horror movies, but I also listen to electronic dance music, the occasional pop song and am a sucker for romantic comedies. The Yin and the Yang.


I don't claim to be psychic, more enlightened than you, or any different really, but I have always had a fascination with the occult, hypnosis, paranormal, and different ways of viewing reality. I spent years of my life studying and practicing Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture. From this, I've had the opportunity to meet and treat thousands of patients, many of whom were suffering from pain and addiction. This opened my eyes to the energy within and the emotions that surround us all.


In my 20's I got into self-hypnosis. In my 30's I found "The Secret". I've read a good majority of self-help books on transformation, law of attraction, and mindset shifting, but could never seem to "get it" fully.  I figured I was just broken, but then I learned to view reality from a different lens. I realized I was trying to force reality to bend in my favor instead of letting it meet me halfway. I spent years struggling and resisting instead of flowing. In fact, there was nothing to apply, nothing to fight against, and nothing to resist. It was how I was filtering my reality. I was this person who was trying to experience things outside of myself only to feel disappointed when things didn't pan out how I wanted.


I later realized that's not how the Universe works. That's not really how any of this works. What DOES work is keeping the mind, body, energy, and higher self in complete alignment. That's the "SECRET SAUCE", the key to life. So I took a journey backwards in time rather than always worrying about the future. I took the time to get to know ME again first and foremost and it's my goal to help you do the same.

So welcome.

This is a place of learning, growth, and evolution. I want to help you live your life not only in complete alignment to who you truly are without fear standing in the way, but I want you to live as the highest version of you. Your best self. Tapping your fullest potential.


I want you to do this from an authentic place with no gimmicks and no filters. Just you being you. Maybe it's a journey into self discovery of who you once were or maybe it's a path of getting to know where your true purpose lives. Only you know the answer even if you can't hear it yet. But I want to help you meet your best self and live out your dreams. So have a look around. 


Feel free to connect with me and let's help you reinvent your reality.

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