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Face Reading Consult 

What is face reading?


We often underestimate the honesty of our faces and how it can reveal the inner workings of our emotions and bodies.

Ever wonder why you’ve got those dark circles under your eyes? Maybe you’re wondering what those deep lines between your eyebrows mean? Perhaps you’re curious how your immune system is doing.


Daoist face reading goes back thousands of years and was used by Chinese doctors to avoid palpating the body, in particular with female patients where it was considered inappropriate to touch a female's body other than on the extremities.

Most people are prone to hold on to more lines and wrinkles where emotions have been repressed or from certain life-changing experiences.

How can face reading help you?

  •  Reveal insights into your personality and true potential 

  • Uncover  your "Elemental constitution" and how you adapt to the world to help relieve stress and anxiety symptoms

  • Discover which physical symptoms you may be prone to based on your vital features

  • Understand how you make decisions in your life

  • Become more aligned to your true nature and your "original face"

  • Understand how your past shows up as markings on the face and ears

  • Enhance your understanding of how lines, wrinkles, and markings develop on the face due to holding on to emotions or unresolved trauma

$90 (45-60 min.)

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Vivi Mark, Energy Psychologist/EFT Practitioner

Mysty Moon, Women's Integrative Health Coach @mystymoonwellness

Rogelio Diaz, Shadow Work Coach

How does it work?

All sessions will be conducted online via Zoom and last approximately 45-60 minutes.


*Upon payment, I will reach out to schedule an appointment date/time.

Prior to each session, I will ask you to email me FOUR high quality photos

including two photos from the front (smiling & not smiling) + two side profile photos (including your full profile and R & L ears.)



*My training as a Master Chinese Face Reader was under the mentorship of world renowned teacher and Master Face Reader Lillian Pearl Bridges and the Lotus Institute.

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