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The Black Hole of Negativity

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

It is always amazing how quickly someone's negativity can affect you.

There are days where you're feeling great, healthy, focused, and crazy inspired then suddenly all within ten to fifteen minutes of sitting and talking to someone (or someone talking to you more often than not) can your entire day flip. And I mean FLIP.

It's like everything you've worked so hard at to stay sane, healthy, and positive: all those meditation tracks you listened to, all those acupuncture treatments you had, and all the grueling hour-long workouts you suffered through to keep your endorphins kickin', can all be undone in a matter of MINUTES. You go from feeling abundant, rich, sexy, slim, and downright amazing to instead feeling like the poo on the underside of your shoe that you stepped in earlier today that didn't seem to bother you at the time because you felt on top of your game. Suddenly, you feel like a pauper, poor as a Wal-Mart greeter, fat as a cow, upset and annoyed at yourself for feeling upset, and just downright awful. Sound familiar?

Well you can finally breathe in knowing that others feel this way too. It's not just you that is affected by other people's toxic nature. Some folks are just energy sucks on our self esteem and if we happen to hit it at the right time, we too can fall into the trap and spiral into a black hole of negativity. So what do you do about it?

3 ways to stay out of someone's black hole of negativity...

1. First off, find ways to protect yourself. It doesn't matter how. Just do it. It might be to slather on some essential oils and meditate alone for five or ten minutes imagining a protective field of white light outlining your body. Perhaps you imagine you are encompassed in a giant bubble that no one on the outside can pop. Maybe it's wearing a piece of jewelry that symbolizes protection for you. Or maybe it's striking your superhero pose with your fingers in your ears humming inspirational epic tunes to yourself.

2. Sometimes avoidance is all we can do. Especially on days where we are feeling really sensitive and vulnerable, it might be a good idea to just do our best to avoid the people and places that cause us to spiral downward. Sometimes that's the best we can do.

3. Find positive peeps in your zone ASAP. Do you know the best way to get yourself out of a "mood"? Hang out with people who support you, give you energy, and raise your vibration.

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