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Includes the following:


  • Self Hypnosis MP3 for Weight Loss/Management
  • Self Hypnosis MP3 for Motivation
  • "Mental Mindshift e-Book"(Your prescription for ultimate physical, emotional, AND energetic alignment!)


This is a holistic guide for your health, nutrition, diet, exercise, and lifestyle for balancing the physical, emotional AND energetic body! Forget about deprivation and use this as your guide for living a balanced life.


In this 38 page e-Book (e-Pub & PDF versions available), I've compiled unique information from my 7+ years as a licensed acupuncturist and holistic practitioner, personal trainer, and over 15+ years of accumulated knowledge with various exercise and nutrition modalities and strategies. Basically, I give you the best of the best all in one book!


In this book, you'll learn:


  • The best ways to balance your emotional, physical, and energetic body using diet and exercise without deprivation diets or overwhelming exercise regimens
  • How to align your body's natural circadian rhythm for optimal brain function and energy!
  • How to alleviate brain fog and tiredness
  • How to balance your nutrition and lifestyle around nature with the seasons/nature for optimal health and brain power
  • Specific strategies for keeping your mind working at an optimal state using nutrition
  • Which foods to implement and which to limit for optimal functioning and energetic health!
  • The best approaches to exercise when it comes to energetic living!
  • How digestion affects your mindset!


Each MP3 hypnosis track accompanied by custom transformational instrumental music.


For best results:

  • Use hypnosis tracks consistently at least 1x a day for 21 days.
  • Listen with headphones at a low to comfortable volume.


**Disclaimer: DO NOT drive or operate machinery while listening to this product.**

**This product is not a substitute for regular medical care and is intended to assist, not as a replacement.

**Any reproduction or redistribution of this product other than for its intended personal use may be subject to penalty by law.


Copyright 2020 Jen Palko

Custom Music: Susan Kresge; @itscrystalsun

Weight Loss Power Trio

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  • MP3, e-Pub, PDF

  • Personal use only.

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