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Free Yourself From Fear & Limiting Beliefs 

Reprogram Your Mind. Transform Your Life.

I know how difficult it can be feeling stuck, out of balance emotionally, broke, confused, and physically unmotivated in life. All the fears and self doubt creep in, you feel like you constantly sabotage your health and your life choices, and you feel like you don't have the time or energy to invest into hours of meditation, appointments, or a therapist.


I'll be honest. I used to feel the same way.


I felt trapped.


Like REALLY trapped in my life.


At one point, I felt stressed, depressed, I was broke, just getting over a binge eating problem, and completely confused on direction in my life.

I knew I wanted something more yet I had NO CLUE what that was or HOW I'd ever be able to achieve it. I felt completely unbalanced emotionally, unmotivated physically, and energetically I felt like I really didn't know myself anymore.


I was stuck in what seemed like "repeat" until I realized that there was an easier solution than just battling with my own thoughts all the time. I came to the realization that I was holding myself back because of my ingrained past programming.  

They say that life works like a mirror.

Well, it couldn't have been any clearer that my mirror was reflecting EXACTLY what I had been putting out into the world.

All the negative self talk, self sabotage, unnecessary mental chatter, over-thinking, self doubt, thoughts of failure, distrust in myself, etc. It was all programming. I learned how my own thoughts and beliefs had been holding me back and how I was filtering my reality.


I realized that I didn't have to try so hard at life, that life was not meant to be a struggle or an internal battle with my brain. It was more about shifting my perspective and ingrained inner most thoughts and beliefs.


But how?

How could it be so easy?

After all, I didn't have the money to spend nor did I want to spend 40 hours a week meditating or doing talk therapy. I didn't want to rely on others to "fix me" because as I would later find out in my life, I wasn't broken in the first place. This again was a limiting belief I held onto for most of my adult life. My own fears and doubts had been SABOTAGING me after YEARS of training. I was essentially creating reality as this polluted and convoluted world in my own brain.


I know the feeling.


You WANT to take care of yourself physically, you WANT to feel like a million bucks, you WANT to devote more time and energy towards your health, passion, or creative projects, but life just keeps getting in the way.

What if I told you that you don't have to invest insane amounts of time or thousands of dollars for a solution?

What if you were able to master your mindset, feel completely confident in your decisions and your ability to create a new life for yourself?

What if you could live a life of freedom, joy, and balance naturally without fear or self doubt standing in your way?

And what if I told you that you could do this from the comfort of your own home?

What would you do? Who would you become?

If you had no limitations whatsoever, how would your life look?

Approximately 95% of our daily thoughts are on a subconscious level which means that we're basically running on autopilot mode for most of our day.


It also means that who we are on a daily basis stems mostly from the past programming within us.

Think about it.

You are here because you've created it.


Think of it this way: whatever's holding you back in life likely stems from one of your "settings" programmed into your own personal computer of a brain.


So in order to change, you have to not only release old systems/patterns and the associated emotions keeping you stuck, but you have to input new ones. Think of how much freedom and power you'd be without your past programming standing in the way.


For me, it all started with releasing what was holding me down. Those beliefs systems that had been ingrained in me since childhood. Those limiting subconscious patterns that were stuck on "repeat" in my brain.


Once I became aware of this, everything changed.


I realized that shifting from a place of "stuck" or "feeling trapped" and victimization didn't have to feel overwhelming. It didn't have to involve tons of time or tons of money, neither of which I had a lot of.


It was as simple as a few minutes a day of getting to know myself better and why I was thinking the way I was thinking.


It became a journey of finding that inner child inside of me, reaching out my hand, and inviting her out to play.


  • How would you like to live a life of freedom from the burden of your own thoughts?


  • How would you like to overcome self sabotage in your professional or personal life?


  • How would you like to empower yourself and break out of your comfort zone with ease?


  • How would you like to completely change your life and the way you think?

If you're tired of...


  • Always feeling like you never get anywhere or feel "stuck" in your career, personal life, health and fitness, or relationship


  • Always feeling stressed out and anxious about change, fearing the worst, doubting yourself, and find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again


  • Feeling trapped, overwhelmed by life, and that there's never enough time in the day


  • Always "wishing" or "hoping" for the day things will get better


  • Feeling you want more out of life, but never seem to be able to take action or can't seem to balance your work, personal life, and health


Think of how nice it would feel to instead:


  • Create a life of freedom from your own overwhelming thoughts and fears


  • Increase your self esteem, experience confidence like never before, and always feel grounded


  • Spark your motivation to succeed in your career, health and fitness, and/or relationships


  • Discover the life of freedom and balance you've always envisioned for yourself


  • Attract more abundance and opportunities into your life




Sure, this is "the dream," but this dream can also become your REALITY if you choose it for yourself.


You are creating reality as you speak.


All it takes is one decision, one action. Become a powerful force in your own life and attract health, abundance, and freedom into your life by deciding TODAY that that's who you are.





"The Reinvent Your Reality Bundle Pack"


An Easy Yet Powerful Way To Release Limiting Beliefs,

and Create The Life You Are Meant To Live


With this bundle pack, I will personally guide you towards that life of freedom and help you release what's been holding you back.






"Make Fear Your B*tch: Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs"















(In e-Pub and PDF Formats)


WHAT keeps you from living your dream life

and the life of freedom you desire?


This book will help you get to the root of: 

WHY you feel stuck,

WHAT you can do about it, and

HOW you can create new belief systems within you.


Including easy strategies to implement and detailed instruction about what limiting beliefs are, how to release them, and ways to reprogram your thinking.


This book does exactly what the title says! With 39 pages of clear-cut information and specific strategies, this is the ULTIMATE guide for releasing your limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and fears that prevent you from making big shifts in your life.


  • You'll be able to use your fear for momentum instead of limitation.

  • You'll learn specific strategies for dissipating fear and anxiety quickly and easily.

  • You'll be able to make your move and shift out of your "stuckness"



With easy strategies to use and detailed information about what limiting beliefs instill fear into your mind, this book can easily change your life!


FIVE Hypnosis Tracks for Optimal Self Growth!

*All tracks are specifically recorded by me and designed

to tap into your subconscious mind.


*Each track is accompanied by custom-made healing music

for optimal transformation.


Includes the following:


**Use your self-growth hypnosis tracks as the companion to your e-Book.

If you're new to hypnosis, watch this video:

"Does Self Hypnosis REALLY Work?" 


Hypnosis for Inner Child Healing

In this track, you'll once again connect to the child in you to bring out that playful and fun side, enhancing the joy and love in your life.


Hypnosis for Easing Stress & Tension

With this track, you'll have the ability to ease the stress in your life while maintaining a sense of peace and harmony.


Hypnosis for Motivation

In this track, you will not only improve your motivation for success, but enhance your ability to go outside your comfort zone on a consistent basis.


Hypnosis for Positive Habits/Attracting Goals

In this extremely powerful hypnosis track, you'll be guided to attract abundance and opportunities into your life while releasing toxic habits no longer serving you.


Hypnosis for Easing Stress & Tension

With this track, you'll have the ability to ease the stress in your life while maintaining a sense of peace and harmony.


All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now


And for a limited time, I'm also including

TWO FREE BONUSES with this bundle.

BONUS E-BOOK: "The Mental Mindshift Diet"

Your prescription for ultimate physical, emotional,

AND energetic alignment!






(In e-Pub & PDF Formats)

This is a holistic guide for your health, nutrition, diet, exercise, and lifestyle for balancing the physical, emotional AND energetic body! Forget about deprivation and use this as your guide for living a balanced life.


In this 38 page e-Book, I've compiled unique information from my 7+ years as a licensed acupuncturist and holistic practitioner, personal trainer, and over 15+ years of accumulated knowledge with various exercise and nutrition modalities and strategies. Basically, I give you the best of the best all in one book!


In this book, you'll learn:


  • The best ways to balance your emotional, physical, and energetic body using diet and exercise without deprivation diets or overwhelming exercise regimens


  • How to align your body's natural circadian rhythm for optimal brain function and energy


  • How to alleviate brain fog and tiredness


  • How to balance your nutrition and lifestyle around nature with the seasons/nature for optimal health and brain power


  • Specific strategies for keeping your mind working at an optimal state using nutrition


  • Which foods to implement and which to limit for optimal functioning and energetic health


  • The best approaches to exercise when it comes to energetic living


  • How digestion affects your mindset!


Now that you've shifted your mindset with the "Make Your Fear Your B*tch" eBook and self hypnosis recordings, this book gives you the tools to also fuel your physical and energetic body through your lifestyle and daily routine.


This book is the PERFECT tag-along to "Make Your Fear Your B*tch" as it teaches you how to MAINTAIN a balanced lifestyle from a holistic approach, not only your mindset.


Normally, I'd offer my services for multiple sessions for $150 an hour, but here I'm going to give you ALL the information here in one book.




"10 Facts About The Subconscious Mind & Hypnosis"

Learn 10 things you may or may not know about both!




Use the "Self Growth" hypnosis tracks as your companion to the eBooks in this bundle and watch how your life transforms from the inside out. It all starts with YOU.


This is NOT your average bundle pack of individual components.


I've PURPOSEFULLY designed this bundle to work as one unit.


As in life, we are not just our brains:

we are our mental, emotional, physical,

AND energetic body.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am ALL about balance in life.

Balancing all parts of yourself, not just one.

That's what most "hard-sell" or "quick-fix" programs try to get you to buy.

The only thing is, you "fix" one area of your life and the other ones get neglected.


This was not by accident. I created this with a holistic approach in mind to take you to that next level.


I won't promise any quick fixes, but what I CAN promise you is an easy convenient way for you to start reinventing yourself and your life.


You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to feel free.

You deserve to feel confident.

You deserve to feel amazing in your body.

And most importantly, you deserve to feel completely aligned

in all aspects of your life.


With over $375 worth of value, for a limited time, you can have everything in this bundle pack for only $75.


  • If you've ever doubted yourself or your abilities to change your life

  • If you've ever worried about how you could change your situation

  • If you've ever felt like you wanted more out of life

  • If you've ever worried about failing when contemplating a risk

  • If you've ever felt held back, "stuck," or just plain scared to take a leap in life

  • If you've ever felt confused on which direction to take



Then this is for YOU.


If you want to feel free from your own thoughts, overcome the obstacles standing in your way, and reach your highest potential in life

then it starts with taking action today.

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